N1fins.com was launched in 2012 with the aim of becoming a globally competitive fin of JPN 120 Yoshihiro Nakagawa who was a pro windsurfer. My philosophy is to provide the best performing windsurfing fins to the market, as cheap as possible, to fit any slalom rider, racer or board of any manufacturer worldwide.
"N1" means that Nakagawa's fins are "hope to be the No. 1 fin for you".

Fins from N1fins.com will show great performance in PWA, Japan circuit in Japan, amateur races around the world, GPS competition etc.

Hamanako, the home of the factory, is a rare place in Japan with winds and various sea levels depending on the wind direction and the flow of tide, and it is one of the best places to develop, test and manufacture these products. We are constantly working on manufacturing and researching and developing fins for the best slalom riders, using epoxy flow technology, with innovative materials and aluminum molds that have been machined out with CNC machines.

Nakagawa is a former JWA Pro rider, a 30-year veteran of windsurfing, a theoretical windsurfer, and a career as an all-Japan champion of a former motorcycle trial, but also a professional in the windsurfing world. He has been active for several years and has a unique background.

Our fins provide a complete handmade, consistent and high quality product. Everything is a small factory at Lake Hamana, and Nakagawa has carefully manufactured more than 1,500 fins, one by one, as a domestic custom fin by Nakagawa's own hands. What's more, blade damage is almost equal to nothing, and the damage rate is as low as 0,03%, which has tremendous strength.

Our products are 100% hand-made, built with a careful combination of high-performance carbon fibers and glass fibers made in Japan, and high-performance special carbon-specific epoxy resins that Toyota also uses.

PWA and Mateus Isaac
Test in Hawaii with Mateus Isaac
Josh rounds the first mark at the top of the PWA final at 2018
N1fins.com international team rider.

BRA-7 Mateus Issac.

With my development with them, my dream may come true! That is the PWA victory.
I make many kinds of prototype fins, and perfect feedback by Mateus test makes our fins evolve.

TYPE-B Hardness type#0,#1

These fins are currently has the best performance with N1fins.

The latest concept is a complete slalom racing fin with incredible top speed, acceleration, upwind and board stability.

Flex is usually good with # 1, small size # 0 is good.but for people who are light in weight or women, it is good for # 0 (slightly soft).

Please email us if you would like more information on our fins performance and prices.
I will contact you. Or from Mateus Isaac.


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TYPE-F Hardness 1 type 

The latest model of N1fins.com is finally on sale!

The latest fin,
TYPE-F, has been completely developed overseas.
Fins have been tested in Japan so far, some of which were sent to PWARIDER's BRA-7 Mateus Issac and developed based on the test results. However, this
TYPE-F is a model that Japanese riders did not participate in the test at all and focused only on development with Mateus.
Based on TYPE-B, I tested over 100 prototypes from it and was finally convinced.

This FIN is a fin developed entirely in Europe.

Already sold worldwide and 100% additional orders from the first purchaser!
Our fins are rated the best in comparison tests with other well-known brands.
This fin is also great for PWA riders!

Greatly optimized lift, board stability, incredible upwind performance, top speed in unknown territory!

It is a fin that is powerful but can meet the needs of all sailors without feeling power !!!